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Terapias y hipnosis regresiva QHHT

Private and group sessions
in spanish, english and german
( only in person )

Are you looking for an answer for your life?
What is the purpose of my life ?
Who was I in past lives?
Why do I have certain people in my life?
How can I heal my illness?
Do you need help with an important decision?

Youtube Cannel

"Conversations with Akasha"

Messages and testimonials from QHHT regressions 
in original audio (with engl. subtitles)

In this space you will hear a series of very interesting stories and messages from QHHT sessions. There will be different seasons with different topics such as Aliens and hybrids, motherships and other planets, abductions, astral / quantum surgeries, Atlantis, Lemuria, Inner Earth, ancient cultures and their rites, contact with spiritual guides and angels, the transition between death and reincarnation and much more.....

Mayan Pleiadian Astrology

Conferences & Workshops
Horoscope and mayan Oracle readings
(personal and online)

Apart from her therapeutic work, she participates in events and conferences around the world.
She gives workshops and interactive talks with different topics related to the awakening of cosmic consciousness, the new earth, modern shamanism and the current evolutionary changes according to the teachings of the Maya Pleiadian astrology and her extraterrestrial teachers.
Senya is considered an “Ah Kin” (mayan: “she who counts the suns / days”) with more than 24 years of experience in this matter.