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The regression has been a very eyeopening and unexpected healing experience for me.
I did not know what to expect and sure was quite nervous at the beginning, but Senya guided me gently through different states of consciousness in which I steadily felt warm, safe and most importantly very relaxed. At first I did not realize that anything has changed for me, but when I was asked what I could see, I was overwhelmed with vivid pictures, sceneries, senses and emotions.
I started to feel that I was connected to a higher inner knowledge and memories of lives, that felt my own. It was a journey of understanding where certain emotions I struggle with in my daily life actually come from and a relief to witness that some problems have already been lived and can be left behind now. I was very glad that Senya and me worked out the most important questions I had before the actual regression, so she could ask me those while I was in this consciousness. I also agreed on being recorded on an audio track, that I got handed later on. That gave me the possibility to read my own answers to my own questions and listen to the audio track later on, which still makes me discover new things that align with my life today, almost 3 years later.
I can’t wait to have another chance to be part of a regression and find out even more, because every day in life brings new challenges and you can never learn enough about yourself.
Alia K. , Berlin 28.8.2012

I met Senya in Germany August 2012 during the first level of QHHT. She is amazing person, very intuitive, highly sensitive and in tune with her vast knowledge and understanding of human nature. During our first encounter I felt at ease durning our conversation and was able to open up and this created rapport helped me to get deep into my core nature during the session. I have discovered my origin and it was transformational and truly magical to be able to connect with the over soul council and get a real feel of who I really am. I will always be grateful to this experience and consider myself lucky to have been able to receive my first session with Senya. I can only advise you, do not hesitate you will be safe with one of the greatest person I know who will gently guide you towards your personal discovery.      
Nonka T. , Dubai 27.8.2012

Dear Senya, a note from your fan club, Taxiche chapter (Ecuador)
We are, of course, still enjoying the interesting benefits of our experience with you. Here is one: I have had pretty high blood pressure for some time. It does´t bother me (although, of course, it is supposed to kill me) but whenever someone measures my blood pressure for whatever reason, they find it so high (say, 180-200 for the number at the top that should be 120, and 120 or so for the one that should be 80 - this lower one, the diastolic one, is supposed to be the killer) and they blame the blood pressure for the headache or whatever. So everyone here has heard that “Senya says I have to express my feelings” and I have shared some of my most profound sentiments. (For example, that you must put the dishes downwards to dry, so they are not full of water! - and I am NOT obsessive-compulsive!) And my partner took my blood pressure, which has been 140-100 since our session, and it was 140-80 today. Any doctor will say (prefaced by the expression they use to say ANYTHING about me these days!):”considering your age, this reading is quite acceptable”.
So, if gunlingers notch the handle of their weapon for every person they kill, what will you notch for everyone you heal ? Thanks again, see you soon, Sam, and the gang.    
Sam D., 27.3.2014 Ecuador

I’ve always been curious about the idea of past lives and when a friend told me about Senya I was excited to give it a try. Senya is very friendly and easy to connect to. I felt comfortable talking to her and sharing about my traumas. She has a great capacity for holding space and listening without judgement. My regression was deep, moving and vivid. Nothing I have ever experienced before. Coming out of hypnosis I felt rested but there was a lot of information to process. I would always do it again. It has opened me up in so many ways and given me answers to things I can now comprehend much better. It has helped me to understand myself better.      
Annika M. , Berlin 19.8.2014

The past-life regression with Senya was a wonderful and enriching experience. Through her guidance I was able to relax deeply into my unconscious mind and emotions and recall astoundingly clear and specific details of other lifetimes that I was completely unaware of before. What is interesting is that it is not a full hypnosis but more of a co-creation and interactive experience giving you the opportunity to delve into your own intuitive and psychic abilities as well to bring forth the information, so not only is it a fascinating dive into the unknown but also a container where you can practice for yourself in discovering more about who you are, all the while being guided and gently assisted by Senya's expert techniques. I discovered some very particular lifetimes during the session, that had a great deal to reflect to me about the lifetime I am currently living now in present day earth, and the insights I gleamed from that continues to have a profound effect on my life right now. I would highly recommend to give a session a try and you may be surprised, not only with the information that comes through, but also that you are the one relaying and connecting the information for yourself, which is immensely satisfying and valuable.     
Lorcan O. , Dublin IRL 21.11.2017

I had a chance to discover what is past life regression with warm & safe guidance of Senya 2 years ago in Goa, Arambol. It was my first experience and I had many questions. She was so patient with me and surround me with compassion.
Through the session I had very clear visions and understandings of different timelines I had which somehow complete a puzzle. It is very nourishing and important to have someone who guides you through intense inner journey. I felt the compassion and love while feeling safe. This session gave me so much insights which clear the dusts on my path. I hope to meet and go beyond someday again. Thank you dear Senya for your guidance and blessings to your journey.   
Melis Z. , India 20.2.2018

Senya´s professionalism is outstanding when dealing with complex topics involved in QHHT. I had a very profound alignment in my physical body thanks to her therapies and greatly value her work, Thank you!!   
Fernando A. , California 11.9.2018

Senya is professional and personal, and creates a space that welcomes vulnerability and honesty. My session brought me to a place beyond time and space. It revealed the origins of long held patterns, and supported me in rewriting them first in the spiritual and then to the physical. I highly recommend Senya's work to anyone who wishes to unveil the illusion of separation between Spirit and matter.       
Lokay B. , Victoria BC 21.11.18

I was very happy to find out Senya was a practicing QHHT therapist after researching Dolores Cannon's work. I felt drawn to this practice and Senya as a person. I felt i was in a safe place to share in our consultation as well as the ability to relax into regression itself. I had some beautiful insights during the regression, seeing some amazing visions of Mayan Pyramids and hieroglyphs. I would highly recommend the QHHT with Senya. Many thanks and Blessings to Senya for her dedication to this practice supporting international light workers. 
Paul B. , England 7.5.2018

Dear Senya
I enjoyed meeting you so much yesterday. Thank you for all the time you spent with me: both the wisdom you imparted, and for taking the time to skillfully move through the issues and questions I brought. You pulled so many threads together, taught me confidence in myself and the process, and allowed me true release and healing.
It’s always wonderful to find fellow beings along the path who offer sustenance, respite, encouragement and renewal as I prepare for the next steps.
Many blessings, Sally M. , Canada 26.5.22

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