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How to prepare for your session ?

  • Have your intention very clear and come with an attitude of curiosity and openness

  • Prepare your mind that it will have to go to the background during the session and that it can only observe without interfering, it should keep opinions until after the experience.

  • Since you make the decision to take a QHHT session, your “higher self” begins to prepare to have a wonderful dialogue with you, remember that it is pure love and only wishes the best for you.

  • Trust that you can easily enter the Theta state, because it is a state that all humans naturally pass through twice a day; At the time of waking up and just before sleeping.

  • Until today, all the people I attended were able to enter this state.

  • Have faith that you can heal.

  • You can eat normally, but light, taking into account that our session will last between 3-6 hours.

  • Please do not drink coffee before your session.

  • Bring a USB stick to take your recording.

  • Your session will be recorded in audio for your follow-up at home. You may remember most, very little or nothing of your session depending on the depth of trance you reach.

  • No one else can accompany you in the session. Your session is a confidential and private session, because it is much easier to open up yourself in a secure and content space, which protects your privacy and is free of judgments.

  • After your appointment you can share your experiences or parts of your recording to your liking and with whom you want.

  • Prepare a list of questions you would like to consult with your Subconscious / your "higher self" / the Akashic Records).

The list should be written (readable to me) or printed on a piece of paper. Please do not bring it on an electronic device!

I recommend writing first the personal questions you have about everyday life related to your home, your family, friends, acquaintances, your work and your well-being, preferably chronologically.

In this way you take the opportunity to reflect on your childhood and your whole life and refresh your memory before the session.

There really are no limits on the topics or issues you wish to consult!

The questions may be about you, about other people, health, about the past, the future, history, other worlds or beings. You can ask for guidance, recommendations and clarification for any questions you have.

Just take into account that we will have a maximum of two hours, in which you will be in the Theta state to get the answers. But don't worry, before starting the regression we do a brief interview and then review your list together. We can add or modify questions if necessary.

An average of 20 questions is ideal for a session. Try to choose specific issues for your list, topics that are of most importance to you, because anyway I will ask many more questions around each of yours, to get very clear and complete answers in your recording. If you want, you can divide your list into two sections, one with questions about your life and another about your health issues or physical discomforts.

If you don't know what or how to ask ...

I leave you a small guide with some examples of the most common questions:

​Why was I born into this family? What did they have to teach me? Do we know each other from other lives?

Is there any Karma pending or something to heal?

Why did I have the accident / did I have to move / change job ?

Why am i not happy / don´t feel fulfilled, if I have everything?

How to create more peace / harmony / joy in my life?

Why do I have (any physical suffering)? What is the root of it and how to heal it?

What do I have to forgive and heal in me? Why do I have blockages and how to release them?

Why is it hard for me to express my feelings? How can I better communicate my needs?

Why do I have a difficult relationship with (person's name)?

Why does a certain situation make me angry and how can it be resolved?

What does my partner (or someone else's name) teach me?

Do we know each other from before? Is there anything left to solve between us?

Why do I repeat a certain pattern in my life / my love relationships? When / how will I find my partner?

How can I leave my bad habit and why do I have it?

Why am I not loosing weight despite eating little and exercising?

How can I take better care of my health? How can I reach the maximum potential of my being?

Why am I very interested in (name of any subject)? Can we explore this topic in more detail?

What are my gifts and abilities? How / where can I develop them?

How can I connect more with my heart / spirit / my guides / angels? What is my spiritual path?

Where should I focus my energy now? How can I manifest my dreams?

Why do I have this recurring dream? What does the vision I had mean?

What was the message I received and why don't I remember its content? What exactly happened and why?

What does the experience I had with beings / spirits / elements mean?

Whose voice is it that I hear? And why do I hear it?

Can I contact (full name of deceased person)? Where are you now / how are you / do you have any message ? What happens after death?

Why am I scared of (name of subject or person)? Where does it come from and how to heal it?

How many past lives did I have? Who am I and what did I come for in this current lifetime?

Who was I in my past lives? Is there anything important I should remember now?

What is my life mission? What is my cosmic origin?

  • For best results, it is extremely important that you listen to the recording within the first 1-3 days after your session (when the channel to the Subconscious is still more open). You can even ask more questions in this period (in your mind and before bedtime) and you will get more answers and puzzle pieces. The more you listen to yourself, the easier and more permanent will be the integration of the changes in you. In addition, I recommend listening to the recording at least 2 times a year to refresh the memory regularly and prevent the patrons from returning.* Sick clients who listened to their recording daily got instant and permanent healing *                              

  • Having a regression is like living and starring a very lucid and complex dream with a lot of detail and texture, it is a true astral journey in time and space. You will feel as if you just woke up and returned from a fantastic journey. But after a few minutes and our final talk you will feel like a newborn and you can drive and return home without problems. However, I recommend that you take the rest of the day off, if possible, and eat something before continuing with daily activities.

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