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Dolores Cannon´s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique in Mexico

facilitated by Senya Kandoussi

Spanish - English - German

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What is QHHT ?

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique 

" healing through regressions into past lifes "

What is QHHT ?

The QHHT technique is a unique method in the world that was developed by the American hypnotherapist and author Dolores Cannon. In the early years of her career, she discovered that spontaneous healing would ocurre during the phase in which the patient's Subconscious was contacted. This fact inspired her to perfect the method with a main focus on the healing of physical illnesses and emotional issues.

This technique involves the induction into the Theta state (sleepwalking state), a light and often conscious trance state that is achieved through visualization. It is a state that all humans experience twice a day naturally:

just in the moments before falling asleep and before waking up, therefore everyone can reach it without problems. It is similar to daydreaming.

In this state of light hypnosis, emotions from the childhood and from past lives can be experienced and revived, thus opening the possibility of contacting, exploring and communicating with the Subconscious.

Our Subconscious has access to all the informations and memories that an individual has ever lived in this lifetime and in all their past lives. In this genetic memory (or Akashic Records) we can find the answers to any questions we may have about us, our lives or any other matter.

Right there we can find the roots and causes of any physical symptom, disease or imbalance in our being or our lives; The reasons why they manifest in the body and how to cure them are explained. Usually all issues can be resolved in one single session that lasts between 3 and 6 hours.

The success of the therapy depends mostly on the intention of the patient and the following work with the recording of the session at home.

All regressive therapies are facilitated by the psychotherapist Senya Kandoussi, certified by Dolores Cannon at levels 1 and 2 of the QHHT method; in Spanish, English and German.

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The definition of "Subconscious" in the context of the QHHT therapy should not be confused with the conventional medical and psychological terminology.

Dolores chose to use the word "Subconscious" to call that space that contains the information of the entire evolution in some way. But it refers more to the collective consciousness or universal mind, where the "Higher Self" is in union with the source and there is unlimited access to the genetic memory or the "Akashic Records."

The Subconscious itself revealed to Dolores, that it is irrelevant how we call it; Any person with a sincere desire and an intention can get in touch with it and receive guidance and support.

The subconscious is very wise and pure love, during the regression it leads us naturally to the most relevant emotions and issues of the present moment. It knows exactly our dreams, desires, problems and difficulties and knows what is the best for us. It always leads to past situations or past lives that contain answers and clarification. It is also possible to consult the Subconscious about specific past lives, other people or any moment in history and inquire deeper in the accessible memories.

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Every physical symptom is a cry

for attention of the Soul 

listen and you will heal


In the beginning of her career as a clinical hypnotist, Dolores Cannon discovered "accidentally" that spontaneous healing would ocurre during the regressions she performed with her clients. This observation aroused her curiosity to investigate more about this surprising phenomenon and inspired her to develop the method we know today as the QHHT technique. It is a very specific and unique quantum formula in the world, where a body scan is performed and at the same time traumas are located in the Subconscious.

On an emotional level it is extremely healing and liberating to forgive people and affairs of the past, to understand why we had to live certain situations and be able to release them; Be it something from childhood or events form past lives that still affect us in the present. Once the root of any problem is located, we can consciously attend it and it loses all power over us. The discomfort literally vanishes at the time of discovering and understanding its origin. The Subconscious will give answers and suggestions to make certain changes or adjustments, which is why it is an indispensable element of the QHHT method to listen and work with the recording afterwards at home. Refreshing the memory periodically prevents cured patterns and symptoms from returning.

A surprising feature of this healing phase is, that beings usually appear and communicate through the client's Subconscious. I like to call them "spirit doctors", but each person perceives them through their own personal filter, some call them angels / beings of light / aliens or simply spirits, but the common factor is always their immense and radiant love. They give diagnoses and treatment instructions during the body scan, accelerate healing processes and perform astral surgeries if required.

Here are some examples of the impressive results that have been achieved with the QHHT method in a single session:


  • damaged livers and kidneys regenerated to normal functioning

  • heart conditions were cured, without surgery

  • cartilage was rebuilt between joints

  • AIDS was cured and eradicated from the body

  • Myomas and cysts were removed

  • migraines have been removed

  • corrected eyesight / glaucoma

  • cases of diabetes have been cured

  • intestinal problems

  • back problems

  • neck and shoulder pains

  • skin problems and many more ...

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" We are living in the most important time in the History of the universe "

Dolores Cannon

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Senya is a descendant of a multicultural family (from Europe and North Africa), so she spent her childhood and youth in several countries with very different cultures and speaks seven languages. She studied Psychology at the University of Hagen in Germany, where she also began her research on Mayan culture, Buddhism, and philosophy. She is a natural intuitive empath and from an early age, she had experiences with aliens, from which she received continuous training in dreams and their teachings for years.
Following this inner guide and her curiosity about the mysteries of life and human existence, she began an internal search and discovered her passion for pre-Hispanic cultures and traditions, shamanism, crystals,
Sacred geometry and universal laws. She is also a visionary artist and expresses her experiences with "the invisible worlds of other dimensions" through her paintings (and books in process).
She has traveled to almost 50 countries around the world exploring their customs, cultures, and philosophies before taking root in Latin America, where she was able to expand and deepen her knowledge about ancestral wisdom, spirituality, sacred plants, and alternative healing techniques.
She currently works as a certified hypnotherapist in the QHHT method in Tepoztlán / Morelos, where she serves and has helped hundreds of people around the world with this method. Apart from her work in the office she is an author, lecturer, Mayan-Pleiadian astrologer, and shares valuable information and messages from her sessions on her YouTube and Podcast channels “Conversaciones con Akasha”
(with English subtitles). Her extensive knowledge and life experiences are a fundamental basis to provide empathic, deep, and professional attention.

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  • Psychology studies at the University of Hagen, Germany

  • Mayan astrology and cosmology studies in Germany and Mexico

  • Training courses in equine therapy by Lic. Edith Gross in Mexico

  • Studies of hypnotherapy and quantum healing at the Vocational Institute of Florida, USA

QHHT Certificate ch.jpg

QHHT Level 1 Germany 2012

QHHT Certificate 2.jpeg

QHHT Level 2 Arkansas USA 2013

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